OSCon 2010 Thanks

Before this summer rapidly turns to fall, I’d like to take a chance to say thanks to all of the sponsors and people that made OSCon 2010 so amazing! Thanks to our sponsors we were able to get an eye-catching and eco-friendly display, great Drupal documentation, and some very popular buttons. To see how everything looked checkout the pics.

Thanks to all of the great volunteers who came out to answer questions and demo Drupal 7. The best representation of Drupal is the amazing people behind it and you all did an awesome job! To my great surprise we ran out of “Don’t hack core” buttons first, proving that Drupal’s popularity is on the rise, and that OSCon is a good place to find developers. As for those who had never heard of Drupal, they were often amazed at it’s versatility, and the upcoming features in Drupal 7.
Overall we learned a lot to use in promoting Drupal in the future, and are looking forward to re-using the booth kit to promote Drupal as often and in as many places as possible. The more people who know about Drupal the more opportunities people have to improve their websites, and possibly their lives. Thanks again to all of the amazing people who helped to promote Drupal at OSCon, and made the Drupal booth rock! - sarah_p
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